OPUS Hotel - Vancouver, BC, V6B 5Z6, Canada

Green Is Our Color

OPUS + The Environment = A committed, sustainable relationship.

  • David Lam Park

We're not just friendly to our guests, we strive to be earth-friendly as well. To that end, we’ve undertaken the following initiatives to minimize our environmental impact and be responsible green citizens.

  • Founding member of the Green Table Network, an initiative to reduce waste, recycle, conserve water and energy and use fewer pollutants in hotel and restaurant kitchens.
  • First hotel in Vancouver to use FORTIS renewable natural gas as a green energy source
  • Participants in the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program to encourage sustainable seafood options on restaurant menus.
  • Use of regional, organically grown and in-season food products where possible, lessening imports and supporting local, sustainable producers.
  • Offering complimentary valet parking for all guests driving hybrid vehicles.
  • Reducing plastics in all guestrooms by offering filtered water in glass carafes as part of turn down service.
  • Recycling of plastic, glass and paper products.
  • Energy efficient thermostats, lighting and timers and heat reflective window film in common areas.
  • Use of biodegradable chemicals and cleaning products and minimal use of solvents.
  • Phasing out of CFCs and ozone-depleting aerosols.
  • Phasing out plastic materials and replacing them with recyclable materials.
  • Increased staff awareness and training.


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