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OPUS Hotel is blogging and spilling the best of Vancouver!

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We missed you!

Checked-In is back and excited to be sharing luxury boutique hotel-life with you.  What’s our mission?  We are surrounded daily by in-the-know world travellers who keep us in-the-know of what’s hip, happening and trending world wide.  Our goal will be to share the love. The hip and fresh world of hotel lobbies, guest-room do’s and don’t, a little fashion and behind the curtain at Opus Hotel Vancouver.

Lately, we’re in conference mode. Spring in Vancouver welcomes business peeps from around the globe.  What we’ve noticed and are excited to share is some fab fashion, and local looks to keep you “Checked-In” to what’s cool on the streets.  Boutique hotels, attract style driven people from around the globe.

Vancouver prides itself on being westcoast-relaxed with a taste of the artsy-fartsy nod from our coolest hoods ie.  Commercial and Main.  While we stay mainstream focused on westcoast living that revolved around our Spin, Yoga and Outdoor Hiking schedule, we have our finger on the pulse of some street-cred style-life that is being noticed around the globe.

FIRST UP THIS WEEK - Our favourite mentions for the Van style designers who are keeping it real and impressing the world travellers when they get here.  

Stay tuned to talk about Food, Wine, Vancouver’s best in the months ahead. Sharing what we love is our mission.

Stay tuned and stay “checked-in.”

Opus Hotel Vancouver

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