We asked hotel GM Nicholas a few rapid fire questions. Enjoy! 

Can we call you by your nickname? 

 Nicholas at work, Nick outside work.

How long have you been w team Opus Vancouver? 

18 glorious years, that is why I’m called Father Time. In all honesty, it is a pleasure to work alongside many team members who have been with us since we opened in 2002. We have over a dozen employees who were here with us when we opened our doors. This is a true testament to the brand. 

You are an expert at? 

I am a spaghetti master.....with garlic toast to accompany it. 

Other than life at OPUS, share a hobby or two? 

I love long hikes in the trails of North Vancouver with Molly our dog and family, and watching Football. GO Seahawks go. 

Personal kryptonite: 

Key Lime Pie, made by my wife Nicola.  Or if we have to, M&M meats has a great pie! #supportlocal 

Share your Office habit? We know you have one: 

Too much screen time, need more talking. I try to lead by example and you will always find me wandering Yaletown over the noon hour. A walk clears the mind and gives me a chance to check out our neighbourhood. In today's modern mobile world, it is so easy to forget about the importance of face to face interactions and relationship building. 

Hidden talent: 

I can speak conversational Japanese- you should see how our guests react when I start chatting with them in their native tongue. 

Next vacation destination: 

A remote Cottage on Lake Okanaga. Hello sun, sand, local wine and my family.   

It’s 11 AM on a Sunday morning. What are you doing? 

Leisurely drinking my 2nd cup of coffee with my wife Nicola and reading the online news feeds. I'm a sucker to Sunday New York Times. 

Any advice for the emerging hoteliers? 

Surround yourself with people who are just as passionate as yourself with wanting to be the best. Be consistent and fair in how you manage the team, and always remember to take the time to recognize the people around you for their hard work.